Keith Moss - Street Photography Courses
Keith Moss

"My wife Pat and I are the owners and founders of Keith Moss Photography. I have been working in commercial and advertising photography for most of my career, and am now using my passion for street photography to fuel other peoples’ imaginations.”

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Street Photography Courses

I’m Keith Moss, a street photographer specialising in black and white photography. If you join me on one of my courses we'll visit some of Europe's inspiring cities. So whether you want to attend a course or a one-day film-processing workshop, or simply buy my latest eBook for some photographic inspiration, you’ll find it all here.

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"Keith Moss is a member of a group of leading UK photographers who support ILFORD PHOTO in presenting Master classes to College Teachers and Lecturers, Students, and Enthusiasts, including competition winners. Keith’s passion for photography and skill level is what drew us his work. We will continue to collaborate with Keith in ongoing future projects"

Diane Berry, Sales and Marketing Support Manager – Ilford Photo.