Keith Moss

"My courses are not just about the technical side of photography, which is why I create the best possible environment for you to have the best time, socialising together, sharing tips and growing together and enjoying whichever city we are in..” "Keith Moss"

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Street Photography Courses

Keith Moss has been a respected professional photographer for over 25 years. He is one out of only ten Official Ilford Artisan Partners in the world, crediting him as one of the world’s top photographers to teach the artisan process of black and white photography.

Keith’s passion is passing on his skill to others. He delivers engaging lectures at universities, and has recently launched his street photography courses to personally inspire and empower budding amateur photographers to embrace the art of travel and street photography. Teaching street photography enables Keith to fulfil three of his greatest passions: photography, travel and teaching

Keith works with small groups, not only passing on techniques, but instilling confidence in his pupils to be the best they can be.

Interested? Contact Keith directly -  +44 (0) 1287 679 655 or email


‘Keith finds out what you already know and works from there. His explanations are straight forward and are not filled with photographic jargon. After the initial preparation (vital for street photography, as we learnt) it was off to lurk amongst the residents and visitors of Edinburgh. Keith explained a couple of effective techniques rather than overwhelm us with lots of possibilities, That way there was ample time to learn and to practice - and to get some interesting shots too. Having a very small group allowed for plenty of one-to-one interaction and drew less attention to us as we moved around the city and practiced. You learn a lot - probably more than you realise at the time.” 

Roger Fairholm